Financial authorities are currently investigating as it was revealed that more than 10 trillion won of money had flowed into other countries from several domestic banks.

However, other than that, about 7 trillion won has been caught abroad, and the prosecution is planning to launch an investigation soon.

Reporter Park Chan-geun was the sole reporter.


Another financial institution confirmed for suspicious foreign exchange remittance is NH Futures, which brokers futures trading.

The amount of foreign currency that escaped from 2019 to last July was 5 billion dollars, or 7 trillion Korean won, the largest scale for a single financial institution.

The flow of funds has been captured, which cannot be seen as a normal derivatives transaction. The FSS estimates that the domestic virtual currency market price is up to 20% higher than that of foreign currencies, using the so-called 'kimchi premium' phenomenon to sell coins in Korea and then remit the profit. are doing

Unlike the case of banknotes that were deceived as if it was a trade transaction, this time, a domestic investment-only account opened by a foreign corporation in NH Futures was used as a remittance window.

In order for foreign investors to invest in the domestic capital market, they must create an investment-only external account with a domestic financial company, import foreign currency, convert this money into KRW, and put it in a KRW account called an investment-only non-resident KRW account.

You can buy and sell domestic financial products using this won account, and when sending your investment abroad, convert it into foreign currency and use an investment-only external account.

This is the first case of abnormal overseas remittances confirmed through non-bank notes, not bank notes.

NH Futures said, "The FSS is currently undergoing inspection, and nothing has been pointed out about the data submitted by the company."

The prosecution, who received the data from the Financial Supervisory Service, plans to distribute the case soon and launch an investigation.

(Video coverage: Kim Tae-hoon, video editing: Kim Jun-hee, CG: Ban So-hee)