The court did not accept the application for injunction filed by former President Lee Jun-seok of People's Power this time.

Two months ago, the court said that the then-chairman of the emergency response committee, Ho-Young Joo, should suspend the execution of his duties, but this time the result was different.

First, let's look at why the court decided this way.

First news, this is reporter Son Hyeong-an.


On the 8th and 15th of last month, Lee Jun-seok, former representative of the People's Power, applied for an injunction with the court to suspend the execution of duties of Jeong Jin-seok, chairman of emergency countermeasures, and six non-commissioned members.

The court, which concluded the interrogation on the 28th of last month and reviewed the case, rejected all of Lee's applications for injunction today (6th).

At the time of the first injunction case on August 28, the court that suspended the execution of the duties of Ho-Young Joo, the vice chairman, recognized the effect of the non-subrogation system of Jeong Jin-Seok this time.

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First of all, according to the revised Party Constitution, the court judged that it is difficult to see that there are substantial and procedural flaws in the resolution of the National Committee on the 8th of last month and the permanent National Committee on the appointment of the non-members on the 13th.

Unlike the first injunction decision, this ruling with respect to the party's transition to the non-subrogation system led to the opposite conclusion because the power of the people materialized the party's emergency requirements through the revision of the party constitution.

Previously, the court ruled that it was difficult to believe that an emergency had occurred to the extent of establishing an evacuation corps, when the court decided to suspend the execution of the duties of former platoon chairman Joo Ho-young.

At that time, the party constitution said, 'In case of emergency such as the vacancy of the party leader or loss of the highest-ranking function, a non-captain can be established', but this was not the case.

After this decision, the People's Power revised the party constitution to allow for the formation of a non-captain if 4 out of 5 elected and 5 young supreme members resign.

The court judged that the people's power seemed to have made the emergency conditions uncontroversial for the change of the leadership system, but it was difficult to see it as unfair as the former representative claimed.

The application for an injunction to suspend the effect of the revised party constitution was also rejected.

In the end, the court decided that there was an emergency situation in the party constitution that had to change to a non-captain in the process of appointing Jeong Jin-seok, unlike in the case of Ho-Young Joo, the Vice-Chairman.

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