Not long ago, a woman in her 80s standing in front of a crosswalk was hit and killed by an electric scooter running on the sidewalk.

It was reported that teenagers without a license had an accident while riding an electric scooter. 


Mr. A, who lives in Sejong City, recently lost his mother in his 80s to a devastating accident.

On August 1, around 7 pm, an electric kickboard running on the sidewalk collided with a mother in her 80s who was waiting for a pedestrian crossing signal.

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[Mr. A/Kickboard traffic accident survivors: A kickboard suddenly came from over there and collided with my mother, and even my mother fell backwards.

The CCTV footage confirms that she fell backwards and banged her head hard...


Mr. B, who suffered a brain hemorrhage, was taken to the hospital, but died within a fortnight.

Two people were riding on the kickboard where the accident occurred.

Both were teenagers.

To drive a kickboard, you must have at least a motorbike license, such as a motorcycle.

In addition, it is forbidden to pass on the sidewalk and boarding of more than two people is prohibited, all of which were violated.

[Mr. A / Kickboard traffic accident survivors: The student who committed the most negligence, so the driver student who had the most negligence was holding the kickboard like this, and a friend was hanging from the back like


[Taeksoo Yoo / Head of Traffic Management Section at Sejong Nambu Police Station: It was possible to operate the system because it was a system that could temporarily use an electric scooter if it was passed by selecting 'certify next time' when proceeding with the authentication process (investigated). ]

The bereaved families complained that if the authentication system had worked properly, such an accident would not have happened.

[A / Kickboard traffic accident survivors: If we had made some kind of system that could check with the person actually riding it, this kind of accident wouldn't have happened...


The police will soon forward the two students to the prosecution on charges of manslaughter.

(Video coverage: Hyung Yoon, video editing: Seunghee Lee)

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