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woman who reported to the police four times because of domestic violence was stabbed to death by a knife wielded by her husband on the street in broad daylight.

Her court even ordered her to restrain her husband against her husband, but that did not prevent her tragedy.

Reporter Park Chan-beom on the sidewalk.

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day (4th) around 3:10 pm on a road in Dongmun-dong, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, her husband, Mr. A, in her 50s, wielded a weapon at her 40s wife, Mr. B.

B, who was stabbed twice, was taken to the hospital, but eventually died.

It was confirmed that Mr. A prepared her weapon in advance and came to the store run by Mr. B to commit the crime.

After her arrest at the scene, Mr. A is known to have stated that he had no memory of being drunk during a police investigation.

It turns out that Mr. B, who died, said that she was being abused by Mr. A and that she had already reported it to the police 4 times.

The police separated them immediately after the first report on the 1st of last month, and has been investigating Mr. A without detention.

Even after the separation measures, Mr. A continued to visit Mr. B, and the police said that they took action with the court's approval of a victim protection order, including a 100-meter ban.

However, Mr. A eventually found Mr. B and killed him with her weapon.

Because of this, criticism is coming out that a stronger separation measure was needed for Mr. A, who repeatedly committed domestic violence.

The police applied for an arrest warrant for Mr. A yesterday.