Among those who died after receiving the corona vaccine, it is extremely rare for the authorities to admit that the death was caused by the vaccine.

A university student in his 20s who died in Jeju last year was also not recognized for its relevance, but looking at the undisclosed documents containing the opinions of professional societies, it is analyzed that causality cannot be ruled out.

This is Cho Dong-chan, a medical reporter.


In July of last year, Lee Yoo-bin died of a cerebral hemorrhage 12 days after receiving the Moderna vaccine.

It was the attending physician and epidemiological investigator who raised the causal relationship between the death of a healthy female college student and the vaccine.

[Ahn Seong-bae / Jeju Island Epidemiological Investigator: As a result of hearing expert opinions and conducting an epidemiological investigation, we could not find any clear cause other than the vaccine.]

The two families learned of the causality controversy after cremation, and the opportunity for an autopsy disappeared.

The lonely fight of a father who lost her daughter has begun against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

At three meetings, the expert committee, which said it had nothing to do with vaccines, entrusts advice to an external society.

[Disease Management Agency Officer: They (expert members) must have had confidence in their own judgment.

He said that causality would not be recognized, but the Jeju epidemiological investigator strongly insisted that further investigation was necessary (an external advisory was requested.]

This is an undisclosed document containing the official positions of four professional societies

. was 'no opinion', i.e. neutral.

The Korean Society for Thrombosis and Hematology said that there is no vaccine-related possibility and suspected rheumatic disease as the cause of the brain hemorrhage.

In fact, the Korean Rheumatology Society raised the possibility that the vaccine caused cerebral hemorrhage, saying that it is unlikely that he had rheumatism.

Still, members of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have not answered the cause of death and remain silent about the vaccine.

[Ahn Seong-bae / Jeju Island Epidemiological Investigator: In order to decide that causality is low, we have to prove that there is a higher possibility of other causes.

(But) Expert member said, 'We have no obligation to explain that'.]

Of the 1,925 people who reported death after vaccination, only 8 people were recognized for causality.

[Lee Nam-hoon / late Lee Yoo-bin's father: 'You do all the proof, the victims do' Where is the case?

That is why the victims have no choice but to give up all of their homes and cling to it.]

(Video coverage: In-seok Hwang, Edit: Seung-ryeol Lee, VJ: Se-gwan Oh, CG: Kyung-rim Kang)