As the government's newly created welfare information system has been in error for over a month, the damage is increasing.

Among them, there are people who did not receive treatment on time because they did not receive medical expenses because they were not newly enrolled in the system.

The government has decided to consider ways to compensate the victims.

Reporter Han Seong-hee will tell you.


Last month, a week before the government's new welfare information system was launched, Koo, who lives in Seoul, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

I thought she would only have to pay 5% of the cost of treatment because she was eligible for second-tier medical assistance, but she was not enrolled due to a system error.

[Goo Mo / Cancer Patient: (At the ward office) It is the most urgent than anyone else, but the system of the Ministry of Health and Welfare itself has an error, so I am sorry because they have no way...


Once registered, the cost of going to the hospital was about 10,000 won, almost ten times the cost, making life difficult.

Unlike welfare benefits given in cash, medical expenses support cannot be paid retroactively even if errors are corrected.

As a result, expensive treatments are being put on hold.

[Goo Mo / Cancer patient: It is possible to apply retroactively after being selected by the Health Insurance Corporation (systemically), but it is difficult to apply retroactively.

(For me) it's telling me to die...


Even though it has been a month since the government started correcting the error, information such as income of dependents or changes in household members is not being properly reflected in the system.

The new Minister of Welfare Cho Kyu-hong, who pushed for the opening without proper preparation during his time as vice minister, appeared at the audit and apologized.

He also said that he would consider compensating for damages at the national level.

[Cho Gyu-hong/Minister of Health and Welfare: I am very sorry that the salary was not paid to those who needed it on time (last month) due to a system problem.]

[Shin Hyun-young/Health and Welfare Member of the National Assembly: What have you been doing for the past few months?

Do you have any plans for national compensation?]

[Gyu-Hong Cho/Minister of Health and Welfare: We will also review compensation.]

System developers who are working on fixing errors are expected to be stabilized around next month.

(Video coverage: Kim Won-bae, Kim Hak-mo, Yoon Hyung, Video editing: Lee So-young)