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Paradiso Barcelona is the

best bar in the world

, according to 50 Best Bars.

The great night of cocktails has been celebrated without great surprises.

As was commented in the gossip, the choice of the Ciudad Condal, in Catalonia, as the venue for the most awaited classification for beverage professionals and drink lovers from all corners of the planet made sense.

Above all,

leaving London for the first time

, the traditional mixological capital from which this prestigious list is announced, which turns the winners into destinations in themselves.

Now, he gives the baton to Barcelona, ​​which also adds Sips to its podium, in third place from 37th, with a vertiginous climb.

Two Smucks has also risen to 7th place from 11th last year.


The list has been announced this October 4 at Arenas Mall, before more than a thousand guests.

From the organization, this decision was justified in celebrating the

return of international travel

and the excellent performance of the world bar sector during 2021.

"We decided to take the ceremony outside

to publicize the other great cities in the world of cocktails

," said Mark Sansom, director of content for The World's 50 Best Bars, who also expressed his joy at the extraordinary resistance of the named venues. before "the challenges that the sector still faces".


Another important role of Spanish representation is that of the famous Argentine

Diego Cabrera

, a benchmark when it comes to cocktails in Madrid.

He opened

Salmón Gurú

in 2016 after numerous successful adventures, such as the

Le Cabrera

space .

He now climbs to position 15 from 24 that he had.


The World's 50 Best Bars

is part of the

50 Best

awards , owned by William Reed and managed by said company, which have already been benchmarks in restoration for two decades, becoming prescribers of the gastronomic world (The World's 50 Best Restaurants) and for for a while (since 2009) also in


publishing the Bars category.

The list is an

annual snapshot

compiled by 600 experts from around the world and reflects the state of world travel during the voting period.

Voting remains anonymous and secure, according to the organization, and the process and results are independently adjudicated by consulting firm Deloitte.

All members of the Academy had to choose seven bars in total, of which a maximum of five had to be from their country.

At least the remaining two had to be international votes,

although there is no limit on the number of international votes they could cast, up to a maximum of seven.

Voters who were unable to travel internationally in the last year did not have to cast their last two ballots.

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