On the last day of September, the eve of the <Anchor>

holiday, our KOSPI fell to 2,150.

This is the lowest figure in two years and two months.

The KOSPI, which had surpassed 2,400 at the beginning of September, fell more than 10% in a month amid a rise in US interest rates and a stronger dollar.

There are many predictions that this trend will continue in the October stock market, which will start tomorrow (the 4th).

Therefore, people who bought domestic or overseas stocks have a lot of trouble day and night.

Some people say they don't see the stock price at all, but on the other hand, more and more people are looking for a counseling agency saying they seem addicted to stocks.

Let's take a look at what reporter Park Chan-beom covered first, and then go into more detail.

<Reporter> When

a stock investor becomes an addict, it is when they lose control of themselves.

Considering the economic power, I know that I should not invest more, but I am unable to sell stocks on my own.

Such was the case with Mr. A in his 40s, who lost 400 million won due to addiction to stocks and futures over the past four years.

[Mr. A/Experienced with stock addiction: I got a loan because I was caught up in the memory of making a lot of money and thought, 'I can do it again with this amount of money', but it is impossible to think rationally in an addicted situation.

] The so-called 'purchase buyout' is also characteristic of addicts.

Mr. B, in his 20s, also lost 50 million won he had accumulated while working in stocks and gifts, but he got a loan again and made additional investments and sat in a pile of debt.

[Mr. B/Experienced with stock addiction: Let's make some money by borrowing. I think I got a loan with this idea.

Everyone around me makes money, so why am I like this?


Stock addiction is included in the category of gambling addiction in the field of psychological counseling because of these characteristics.

[Lee Chan-mo / Korea Gambling Prevention and Healing Center Prevention and Public Relations Team Appointment: The first is an uncertain case.

The second is the act of betting money or valuables. When these two conditions are met, we call it gambling, because stocks are included in gambling.] The

number of people who seek counseling for addiction problems in the stock craze is also within 5 years. increased by almost 6 times.

They take longer than others to admit they are addicted.

[Lee Chan-mo / Appointment of the Korea Gambling Prevention and Healing Center Prevention and Public Relations Team: 'Wait a minute, I did it because I made a mistake in the analysis', 'I accidentally did this temporarily', so there seems to be a big difference in this area.]

This will increase the time and cost required for consultation.

[Song Seok-jun / Member of Parliamentary Affairs: I think that a comprehensive government-wide countermeasure is necessary, such as providing a program that allows social interest, treatment, and counseling for the problem of stock addiction that has spread to the phenomenon of social patent infringement.]

Stock Investment Falling from addiction to hell.

It is time to prepare a social safety plate.

(Video coverage: Kim Se-kyung, Kim Nam-seong, Lee Chan-soo, video editing: Kim Gyeong-yeon, VJ: Lee Jun-young)



Here is reporter Park Chan-beom, who just gave me the report.


[Reporter Park Chan-beom: It is impossible to determine whether or not you are addicted to stocks by itself, but I will introduce an indicator that can tell them apart.

Here are the 9 indicators of gambling disorder.

Stock addiction can also be judged by the same indicator.

If 4 to 5 of these apply, it is considered a mild gambling disorder, that is, an early stage of stock addiction.

Experts say stock addicts tend to be more likely to have negative outcomes such as control failure, chase gambling and job loss, and indicators of financial help.


[Lee Chan-mo / Korea Gambling Prevention and Healing Center Prevention and Public Relations Team Appointment: If you are investing money and time that you cannot afford, that is, if you are investing with debt, you can think of it as an addiction.

After that, if you look at it with common sense and the person you care about says, 'You have a problem,' you can actually think of it as entering the stage of addiction.]


[Reporter Park Chan-beom: First, in Korea, there is a representative public institution that specializes in gambling addiction.

Korea Gambling Prevention and Healing Center under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

You can call the representative number '1336', which is available 24 hours a day.

A professional counselor will then listen to the situation and connect you to a branch close to where you live.

The consultation fee is completely free as it is operated by the state.

These experts emphasize that it is important to inform your family or acquaintances immediately if you have any thoughts as to whether your current condition is stock addiction or not, and to receive counseling or treatment first to make an accurate diagnosis.]