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Nine people who shared a plant root harvested from a ginseng field in Jeungpyeong, North Chungcheong, developed vomiting and nausea, and were taken to the hospital.

According to the North Chungcheong Fire Department, 9 people who shared plant roots collected from ginseng fields at a church in Jeungpyeong, North Chungcheong Province at around 12:40 pm today (2nd) were taken to the hospital and being treated.

According to the fire department, it is known that a report was received to 119 that "9 people were not feeling well after eating something like ginseng".

It is said that they mistook plant roots collected from nearby ginseng fields for ginseng roots and shared them.

The fire department is weighing the possibility that they mistakenly ate the roots of poisonous plants such as ginseng.