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Here are

the series that are going to give the most talk in October.

CANDY (Disney+, October 12)

Everything seems to be going well in the life of

Candy Montgomery, a housewife in the 1980s


A normal family, a perfect house and some other detail that seems under control are part of it.

But what this real character really hides is

a crime that shook her neighbors

from her and of which a friend of hers was a victim of her.

A thriller with Jessica Biel

under the subtitle

Murder in Texas

that seems to be made for her acting performance.

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SAGRADA FAMILIA (Netflix, October 14)


La casa de papel


Alba Flores and Najwa Nimri face each other again in this thriller set in Madrid.

Both are women who find themselves involved in situations where the bond between a mother and a daughter brings out their most animalistic instinct.

A series that has been created by Manolo Caro

, responsible for

The House of Flowers


Once upon a time... but not anymore


THE PERIPHERAL (Amazon Prime Video, October 21)

Chloë Grace Moretz is the star of this sci-fi series

shrouded in mystery.

The ones responsible for it are the same as


and it seems that the game between reality and fiction in a

hyper-technological society

can bring surprises due to its enigmatic trailer.

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Star Wars

universe seems inexhaustible.

Now comes this

animated series of six short chapters


Characters such as

Count Dooku or Ahsoka Tano appear in them, along with Anakin Skywalker


A delight for fans of the galactic saga.

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THE IMMORTAL (Movistar Plus+, October 27)

Violence, drugs and the night.

An explosive cocktail on many occasions that makes us think of this series as a probable success if we take into account who he is talking about.

Nothing less than

Los Miami, a band that frightened many

and that is portrayed here starkly and with

Álex García ( Anti-


) as the protagonist.


(HBO Max, October 28)


, the

graphic novel by Santiago García and Luis Bustos

, published by Astiberri Ediciones, becomes a series, with six chapters starring Veki Velilla and Francisco Ortiz.

She, as a journalist in today's Spain to which he arrives, a cryoganized superpeople,

after decades asleep and now surprised by how much the country has changed... since Franco was there.

There is nothing.

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IF I HAD KNOWN (Netflix, October 28)

The creator of the Turkish series



Ece Yörenç, is responsible for this Spanish production that includes

Megan Montaner, Miquel Fernández and Michel Noher

in its cast .

All around a fantastic story where a woman who dreams of changing her life suddenly sees her wish come true.

What will this woman do in that new universe?

THIS ENGLAND (Movistar Plus+, October 31)

Look at the picture.

Yes, it is none other than

Kenneth Branagh who is in charge of giving life to Boris Johnson

in a risky and very current series.

How if we take into account that

this political drama is going to get into puddles as big as the attitude of the former prime minister in the face of the Covid crisis


Some facts that, as the press has been telling, showed that Johnson was not the most suitable person to be at the forefront of the country.

THE WHITE LOTUS (HBO Max, October 31)

This production became one of the

great surprises of

last season.


the comedy that was previously set in Hawaii has changed its destiny


Sicily is the new luxury enclave where a group of families, couples and friends see their lives crumble to the delight of lovers of the darkest



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