Actress Park Eun-bin won the Rising Star Award at an event hosted by the American Film Critics Association (CCA).

The American Film Critics Association announced the winners of the Asian Pacific Cinema & Television ('APCT') event through its official SNS account on the 30th.

Eunbin Park was selected as the winner of the Rising Star Award for TV at this event.

Director Chan-wook Park of the movie 'The Decision to Break Up' won the Director Award, and director Dong-hyuk Hwang of the drama 'The Squid Game' won the Director Award for TV.

APCT is an awards ceremony for films and TV shows that have achieved notable achievements in the Asia-Pacific region this year.

It was newly held this year by the American Critics Association, which hosts the Critics' Choice Awards.

APCT will be held on the 4th of next month at the Fairmont Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, USA.

(Photo = provided by Namoo Actors, Yonhap News)