A police officer in Busan has arrested a current offender who is depositing money from a voice phishing collection machine while going to collect money from an ATM at a bank on an off day.

According to the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency, Sergeant Yoon Jin-ho, who works at the Seomyeon District of the Busanjin Police Station, stopped by the ATM machine in front of his house yesterday (30th of last month) on an off-duty day. I saw it.

Sergeant Yoon, who had been working in the intelligence crime investigation team before serving in the district unit, and was aware of the characteristics of the voice phishing collection book, felt suspicious of Mr. A's behavior and after revealing that he was a police officer, he asked Mr. A what he was doing.

Confused, Mr. A confessed that he was depositing money into the account of the voice phishing organization in Telegram.

Sergeant Yoon directly arrested Mr. A as a current offender, contacted the district office in charge, and handed over Mr. A's recruits directly.

It is reported that A's remittance amount of 7.6 million won was recovered and the payment of 5 million won already sent was promptly suspended.

The police said, "The criminal force team of the Southern Police Station is investigating the circumstances of Mr. A."

(Photo = provided by the Busan Police Agency, Yonhap News)