Various types of charter fraud are rampant, causing great damage to the common people. Recently, there are increasing cases of not being able to find a deposit due to the method of making dozens of contracts with fake landlords.

More details are provided by Kim Seung-pil, a reporter.


Mr. Kim, who moved into a new villa in Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do in July last year on a charter basis.

Her selling price was 190 million won, and her jeonse was also 190 million won.

[Jeonse Fraud Victim: All new construction comes out like that.

The real estate manager introduced me to this place in this way.]

I moved in believing that they would subscribe to the Jeonse Guarantee Insurance, but three months later, the news came that the landlord, Mr. Jeong, had died.

[Jeonse Fraud Victim: I found out that he died the day after he signed the contract with me.]

In the three months before the death of the landlord, Mr. Jung, the number of confirmed jeonse contracts reached 70.

[(Have you ever seen the landlord during the contracting process? Most of them did not see the landlord before signing the contract?) Yes, through an agent.]

The victims sold close to 70 houses in the metropolitan area in just 3 months after the landlord lived in Jeju Island. It raises a number of questions, such as the fact that he signed a lease contract with him, and that he died suddenly in his mid-40s.

[Jeonse Fraud Victim: I don't know whether our money went to the landlord or the client, but we don't know the distribution process of that money.]

[Jeonse Fraud Victim: It is a very frustrating situation because there is no right to prosecute due to the death of the landlord.]

However, there was another case where the landlord suddenly died and the tenants were suffering.

Mr. Jo, who rented a villa, was introduced by a friend who works in a real estate agent's office.

He says he liked the terms of the loan interest support.

After the lease contract, the owner of the house changed to Mr. Lee, and I heard that the owner suddenly died.

[Now, my friend is talking like a confession.


The landlord was homeless.

(Oh, was he homeless?) He has now sold his name.]

For example, if the owner of a villa wants to sell his house for 170 million won, a real estate consultant approaches him to buy it.

And we are looking for a fake landlord to lend our name and a renter to move in with a deposit of 200 million won.

The sale price is paid with 200 million won in jeonse, and the consulting firm collects 30 million won in profit.

It entices tenants with a number of good conditions, such as purchasing guarantee insurance and paying interest on loans.

[Real estate brokerage assistant: When you work in real estate, those people (consulting) tell me.

I signed a contract and made 30 million won.

Some people who make a lot of money make even 1 billion won a year.]

However, it turned out that this jeonse fraud case was so organized that there were about 90 fake landlords and several people even recruiting books for renters.

The deceased landlord, Mr. Lee, was one of about 90 fake landlords.

Unless the so-called consulting firms at the top of the charter scam are found and severely punished, these planning scams are bound to continue to rise.

(Video coverage: Joo Yong-jin)