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Incheon, there is a company that pays six times the market price to senior citizens who collect waste paper.

The CEO of this company wants to solve the problem of poverty for the elderly, and his goal is to die gracefully after that. Reporter Baek Woon met.


A warehouse in the office.

There are piles of waste boxes.

They were all bought at 6 times the market price.

[Jongin Lee / Bupyeong-gu, Incheon: It feels good to come here.

Because they pay so much (money).]

This is a social enterprise that advocates eco-friendliness and pro-aging.

[Ki Woo-jin/CEO of Social Enterprise: We buy old boxes at high prices and make eco-friendly canvases through upcycle.

Together with talented donated artists, they are reborn as new works of art, sell them, and use the profits to support the elderly again.]

CEO Woojin Ki conceived the project 9 years ago while working as an alternative school teacher.

It is said that he saw himself in the look of old men picking up waste paper.

[Ki Woo-jin/CEO of Social Enterprise: My past was also reflected a bit.

When I didn't have any money, I sold books, clothes, and junk stores…

The problems of the elderly may be related to the problems of my past and the problems of the future.]

CEO Ki employs three old people who once picked up papers as full-time employees.

What felt rewarding was when I heard the story that not only hunger but also 'hunger' was resolved.

[Ki Woo-jin/CEO of Social Enterprise: When the elders open their eyes, they have a place to go, and when they go, they have a comrade to work with, so they say, 'I'm excited to go to the company.']

Sales when corporate and government orders decreased due to Corona 19 This quarter was torn apart, and the old men we hired had to go out.

But thanks to talented donating writers and customers who subscribe to support, it didn't sit down.

The last goal of this company, which CEO Ki said, is to go bankrupt.

[Ki Woo-jin/CEO of Social Enterprise: A society in which society is more whole and restored so that social enterprises like us do not appear would be a better society.

When we are in such a society, we think that the way we should go is to die coolly.]

(Video coverage: Hong Jong-soo, Video editing: Lee Ki-eun)