As Kim Geun-sik, a rapist of minors, is about to be released from prison after serving his sentence, it has been revealed that the number of re-offenders of registered sex offenders has exceeded 1,000 every year.

According to statistical data submitted through the Ministry of Justice by the Office of Democratic Party Assemblyman Cheon Jun-ho on the 30th, a total of 4,996 sexual offenses were committed by persons subject to registration of personal information over the past 5 years (2018-202.6).

Looking at the status of recidivism of sex offenders managed and supervised by the police in accordance with the Ministry of Justice’s personal information registration order, ▲ 967 cases in 2018, ▲ 1,108 cases in 2019, ▲ 1,219 cases in 2020, ▲ 1,106 cases in 2021, around 1,000 cases per year of sexual offenses recidivism.

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Also, as of the first half of this year, there were 596 recidivism cases.

Among the recidivism cases in the past five years, the most frequent occurrence was forced molestation (2,248 cases).

This was followed by illegal filming (854 cases), rape (647 cases), and trespassing in public places (171 cases).

In addition, the number of recidivism offenses against children and adolescents has reached 60 recently.

The personal information registration system is a system that registers and manages the personal information of a person who has been convicted of a sexual offense subject to registration.

Relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Justice and the police register the personal information of sex offenders and use them to prevent and investigate sex crimes.

Rep. Cheon Jun-ho said, "Every time a vicious sex offender is released from prison, residents' anxiety increases."