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The won-dollar exchange rate soared day after day, and yesterday (28th), at one point during the day, it exceeded 1,440 won, right?

In the midst of this, a simple remittance app 'Toss' exchanged money for 1,200 won per dollar.

When trading dollars using Toss App's Toss Securities exchange service for 25 minutes from 1:50 p.m. yesterday, KRW 1,298 was applied to KRW 1 per dollar.

Yesterday, in the domestic foreign exchange market, the dollar crossed the 1,440 won range during the day, and at this time, those who bought dollars at Toss Securities were able to see a profit of about 140 won per dollar.

In an actual online community, verification articles such as 'I put 3 million won in and made a profit of 350,000 won' were posted.

Toss Securities said, "The exchange service is provided by linking the exchange rate of SC First Bank, a partner bank, and the transaction was actually made at a low exchange rate at First Bank," and said that there is no plan to recover the profits earned by customers.

SC First Bank explained that an error occurred in the process of upgrading the exchange rate system provided to Toss Securities.