After a long discussion, the government's ruling party came up with a countermeasure as there was a nightly taxi chasing riot in the metropolitan area. 

It's about raising the late-night call rates and ending the mandatory taxi closure system, but reporter Jo Yoon-ha heard the story of taxi drivers.


The key to the late-night taxi crisis of the ruling party is to induce taxi drivers to make more money at night so that they can come out on the streets.

From 10 pm, when calling a taxi, the calling fee will be increased additionally, and the driver will have all this money, not on platforms like Kakao.

[Sung Il-jong / Chairman of the People's Power Policy Committee: Compensation for those who drive late at night should be a calling fee.

The benefit of the calling fee should go to the drivers, rather than the platform company.]

I asked the taxi drivers if this measure would work.

[Lee Jeong-moo/Personal taxi driver: I don't think I will go out (at night), even if I raise the calling fee.]

Private taxis may increase some, but corporate taxis, which are suffering from a severe manpower shortage, say nothing will change.

[Mr A/Corporate taxi driver: Even if the fare is doubled, it will not come out.


The night is the problem now.

I can't afford this income right now.

How much work do you have to work 6 days a week and 12 hours a day, how many years will that last.]

In fact, corporate taxi drivers earn about 1.96 million won a month, which is only half of courier services and 60% of bus drivers.

In particular, they say that we need to call out young taxi drivers who have moved to delivery and quick after the corona crisis, but this measure alone is not enough.

[Cha Jae-cheol/Former corporate taxi driver: If I had to ask where all the people who left the taxi industry went now, they went to the motorcycle delivery service.

Corporate taxis make only 200 or 300 dollars, but if you deliver a motorcycle, will you get 400 or 500 dollars?

Don't come.]

Although the lease system, which lends corporate taxis to individuals at a certain cost, is being discussed as an alternative, private taxi drivers are strongly opposed.

The ruling party of the government is in a position to pass these issues as mid- to long-term tasks, so it is evaluated that a fundamental solution is still far away in the field.

(Video coverage: Kim Won-bae, Kim Nam-seong, video editing: Yoon Tae-ho, CG: Kim Hong-sik, Ban So-hee)