Two days ago, at Daejeon Hyundai Outlet, where 7 people were killed and 1 was seriously injured, a second on-the-spot forensics and police search and seizure were conducted to determine the cause of the fire.

The cargo truck in front of the loading dock where the fire started was to be sent to the National Forensic Service. 

This is TJB reporter Kim Chul-jin.

<Reporter> The

scene of the Hyundai Outlet fire.

Two forklifts lift objects stacked in yellow protective awnings with a roar.

A cargo truck right next to the burning dock was revealed with only its skeleton.

The flames were first discovered on CCTV secured by the police between the right rear part of the truck and the cargo load.

In the meantime, it was unclear whether the fire started with a vehicle or outside it, but the police decided to send the vehicle to the National Forensic Service to find out the cause of the fire.

[Kim Hang-soo / Daejeon Police Agency Scientific Investigation Commander: I am going to move the burnt vehicle to the National Forensic Service for precise identification.

(Did the fire start in the vehicle or outside the vehicle?) Yes, it was moved to do the work.]

At the time of the fire, the flame spread explosively. We will also check.

Whether or not the sprinkler and fire hydrant, which is controversial, works, is expected to depend on the log data in the disaster prevention room on the first basement floor.

It is difficult to determine whether the sprinkler is working with the naked eye because it is burned out, and the water tank is currently filled with water, but there is a possibility that it was automatically filled after the fire. no see.

In addition to the forced investigation, the Daejeon Police Agency also conducted a search and seizure of the outlet Daejeon.

We plan to collect various materials related to firefighting equipment and safety management, such as the disaster prevention room, and examine the records of actual operation and violations of laws.

(Video coverage: Kim Kyung-han TJB, Choi Woon-gi TJB, Park Geum-sang TJB)