I have also seen many articles that the prosecution has withdrawn an appeal against a part-time convenience store student who was acquitted in the first trial after eating pork ribs worth 5,900 won.

In 2020, Mr. A was sued by the owner for freely eating half and half pork feet worth 5,900 won at the convenience store where he works.

Those of you who have worked in convenience stores will know that there is a system called disposal.

Refrigerated foods such as pig's feet are discarded after 11:30 pm, so part-time workers can eat them.

The prosecution charged Mr. A with a fine of 200,000 won for embezzlement, and the court issued a summary order. However, Mr. A requested a formal trial saying he had no intention of embezzling. sentenced.

At the time, the prosecution appealed against the judgment of the first instance, but as the case became public, some critics were raised that it was harsh treatment.

In the end, the prosecution decided to hold a public prosecutor's committee and to withdraw the appeal after hearing the opinions of the citizens.