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man in his 40s who set fire to three vehicles in downtown Gwangju was arrested.

He reported that he had stolen money, but said that the reason for the arson was that he was angry because the police investigation was delayed.

This is KBC reporter Jo Yoon-jung.


Late at night, a man sets his clothes on fire, throws them under the car and runs away.

Soon after, flames erupt from the vehicle.

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Two days later, in another residential area nearby, a car was engulfed in raging flames, and the alley was filled with smoke.

[Witness: (Teacher's car, perhaps?) Yes.

I knew it because it just exploded and caught fire.]

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A man in his 40s was arrested by the police on charges of setting fire to a car while circling downtown Gwangju.

It was revealed that Mr. A had committed three crimes near his house for four days from the 23rd.

The man who set fire to his car and fled, wandered around the area and was caught by the police within 30 minutes.

Mr. A is known to be claiming that "he committed a crime because he was angry at the late police investigation even though he had stolen money."

[Mr. A's acquaintance: The police did not properly investigate the loss of his money and ignored it, so he said that he set fire to it.]

The police explained that the investigation into the theft case reported by Mr. A is proceeding normally.

Separately, for the serial arson, he said that he had applied for an arrest warrant considering that A has a history of the same type of crime.

(Video coverage: Na Byeong-wook KBC)