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 A video of a young woman assaulting a middle-aged man in broad daylight in the city center has spread through internet communities and is causing outrage among netizens.

Yesterday (26th) on a YouTube channel, a video titled 'Assault on a person who cracks down on smoking in Suyu Station' was uploaded.

The 20-second video shows a young woman in a black jacket assaulting a middle-aged man near the bus stop at Suyu Station.

In the video, the woman grabs the man's sleeve and kicks her, then starts punching her in the back of the man's head.

In the process, the man expressed her refusal to say, "Don't do it," but the violence by the woman did not stop, and eventually the surrounding citizens began to rectify the situation, saying, "Why are you doing this?"

The woman then replies to her restraining citizen, "I'm going to go with it," and then the man again slams the file in her hand and drops it with her hand.

The video spread quickly through various social media and online communities, and netizens who saw it responded, "It should be punished severely" and "It is a very dangerous action to be hit on the head like that."

The person who posted the video said, "When a woman smoking in a non-smoking area was stopped by a police officer who was cracking down on her, she couldn't hold back her anger and assaulted him." not known.

Meanwhile, if you smoke in a non-smoking area, you will be fined 100,000 won in accordance with the National Health Promotion Act.

In addition, according to Article 136 of the Criminal Act, a person who assaults or threatens a public official performing duties such as cracking down on a smoking-free zone shall be punished by imprisonment with labor for not more than five years or by a fine not exceeding 10 million won.