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During the local election on June 1st, the SBS End Panda team obtained information on the large amount of donations from 34 opposition and opposition candidates who were candidates for the heads of 17 regional governments through a request for information disclosure.

Personal information such as name, date of birth, occupation, and contact information of a large sponsor is required by law to be submitted to the National Election Commission.

However, two candidates were identified who omitted information on more than half of the large donors.

In the case of a candidate for a regional organization, 35 out of 61 large donors were listed as born in 1900, and their occupation, address, and contact information were submitted blank.

Candidates for other regional organizations listed 20 out of 34 high-paying donors as born in 9999, and did not provide personal information other than their names.

The National Election Commission is in the position that there is no proper way to respond, so the Political Fund Act is virtually neutralized.

The so-called 'split sponsorship' situation was also confirmed, in which several executives of affiliates drove out the maximum amount of support to a specific candidate.

The details of the candidate and the company will be delivered by SBS 8 News.