With about three weeks left to the BTS concert to bid for the Busan Expo, the distribution of 50,000 seats has been completed.

However, despite the fact that it is a free performance, tickets are on the rise in SNS and open chat rooms.

Correspondent Jo Jin-wook of KNN.

<Reporter> This

is an article about BTS Busan concert ticket sales posted on SNS.

I asked for a photo to prove it was a lie, and he showed me a photo of the VIP ticket distributed as an overseas invitation ticket.

As soon as the bargaining began, an auction was held with another buyer, and the price went up to 4 million won in an instant.

VIP tickets are aimed at the difficulty of ticketing.

[BTS fan: It is an impossible issue for individuals to gain financial gains from free concerts.

I think that there are too many such people by using their fan's heart and that such behavior should be strictly eradicated.]

This time, an open chat room was opened to transfer tickets.

When I expressed my intention to purchase, it was said that the seat differs according to the price.

It's selling free performances for money.

The illegal macros are getting paid and even the method of transferring ticket IDs is playing a role.

Unlike VIP tickets, the personal information of the purchaser is specified for regular tickets.

Hive is in a position to prevent ticket spoofing by using all means, including ID verification.

It was announced that the reservation could be canceled immediately upon detection.

For the national interest, BTS prepared an expo invitation concert for free.

However, it seems that thorough countermeasures are needed even now, as those who want to take care of the middle ground are ruining the purpose of the performance.