"Never again" is a difficult statement to stick with, as our favorite Bond Sean Connery found out.

The fact that an electric car never has to go to the workshop belongs in this category.

It is true that less can break where there is less.

But the ravages of time gnawed at everything created by man.

For example, the refrigerant for the air conditioning system has to be replaced after a few years, regardless of the drive, because the chemical changes due to recurring changes in pressure and temperature.

This not only requires special equipment, but also some expertise.

However, we have to admit that by no means every audition in front of the vehicle master we trust is caused by a necessary maintenance.

Often only a faint suspicion haunts the back of our minds: these newly occurring vibrations could have a deeper meaning.

Those who drive electrically have other questions.

For example: Is it possible that the range is always so low lately because the battery has been damaged?

A survey conducted by TÜV Rheinland among 2,000 drivers of electric cars shows that anyone who contacts the car manufacturer's service hotline only gets an answer in every second case.

In turn, 49 percent of the participants considered incoming declarations to be “not competent”.

If the electric car enters the menopause, which is prone to illness, it can be advisable to look around in good time for a knowledgeable mechanic who understands something about amperes and volts.

He won't immediately write a repair order, but rather, like a good doctor, will calm some of the fears in a conversation.