Prosecutors have requested an arrest warrant for former Gyeonggi Peace Vice Governor Lee Hwa-young, who is accused of accepting money from Ssangbang-Bul Group.

Former Lieutenant Governor Lee was summoned and questioned by the prosecution on the 18th after being accused of receiving money and valuables of around 100 million won from Ssangbang-Bul during his time as Deputy Governor of Peace in Gyeonggi-do.

The 6th Criminal Division of the Suwon District Prosecutors' Office, which is investigating related allegations, arrested and investigated Mr. A, an aide of the former lieutenant governor, on charges of involvement in bribery yesterday (21st), and also requested an arrest warrant for Mr. A.

From August 2018 to January 2020, CEO Lee served as Gyeonggi-do Peace Governor, and before that, he served as an outside director for over a year.

The prosecution also requested an arrest warrant for Mr. B, who served as CEO of Ssang Bul-Bul.