Prosecutors investigating the 'Seongnam FC sponsorship allegation' have launched a search and seizure of the Doosan Group headquarters.

Suwon District Prosecutors' Office Seongnam Branch Criminal Division 3 sends investigators to the headquarters of Doosan Group in Jung-gu, Seoul to secure related data such as servers.

The search and seizure today (20th) is known as an extension of the search and seizure conducted on the 16th in Gangnam-gu, including Doosan Construction, Seongnam FC, and Seongnam City Hall offices.

The Doosan Group headquarters were not included in the previous search and seizure targets.

Suspicion of Seongnam FC sponsorship is suspected of being the owner of Seongnam FC during the days of Seongnam Mayor Lee Jae-myung, who was the owner of Seongnam FC. It has been repurposed as commercial land.

At that time, Seongnam City tripled the floor area ratio, building scale, and total floor area, and only 10% of the total site area was donated.

On the 13th, the police, which had been investigating the allegation, notified the prosecution of the results of a supplementary investigation of the opinion that the charge of bribery to a third party against CEO Lee and one public official in Seongnam City was recognized.

The police are known to have caught a situation where Doosan E&C discussed the specific requirements of Seongnam City, believing that it would be impossible to change the use if it did not execute advertising support for Seongnam FC.

Initially, the police decided not to appeal the case in September last year, three years and three months after the complaint was filed. We got evidence to back up the investigation and overturned the results of the investigation.

Seongnam City and Doosan E&C denied the allegations, saying, "There is no connection between the Seongnam FC advertisement sponsorship and the change of use."

In August last year, when the investigation was in full swing, CEO Lee argued on SNS, saying, "Even if it is assumed that Seongnam FC, which is owned by Seongnam City, receives advertising expenses as a condition of changing its use, it is in the interest of citizens."