Prosecutors are investigating the 'Seongnam FC sponsorship allegation' and are raiding the headquarters of Doosan Group.

The Seongnam Branch of the Suwon District Prosecutor's Office has been sending investigators to the Doosan Group headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul from the morning of the 20th to secure related data such as servers.

The search and seizure was confirmed on the 16th as an extension of the search and seizure conducted in about 20 places including Doosan E&C, Seongnam FC, and Seongnam City Hall offices in Gangnam-gu.

Suspicion of Seongnam FC's sponsorship is suspected by Lee Jae-myung, president of the Democratic Party of Korea, who was the owner of Seongnam FC during his time as Seongnam Mayor and attracted 5.5 billion won in advertising support from Doosan E&C from 2016 to 2018. The main point is that the land was used for commercial use.

At that time, Seongnam City tripled the floor area ratio, building scale, and total area, and only 10% of the total site area was donated.

In this regard, Seongnam City and Doosan E&C are denying the allegations.