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Group BTS will hold a free concert in Busan this October to host the Busan Expo.

It is expected that 100,000 people will come here, but I have already seen many articles that the controversy over the rip-off of the accommodation fee is being raised.

As the news of the concert spread, most of the accommodations in Busan were fully booked on the day of the concert. The price of one motel rose from 100,000 won per night to 700,000 won, and a hotel that offered 8.91 million won for two nights appeared. It's a hot topic online.

There have also been claims that some accommodations are canceling reservations for existing reservations and reselling them at higher prices.

It is also expected that 100,000 people will gather, but there is also a concern that traffic congestion will not be avoided because most of the roads around the venue are two-lane round-trips without sidewalks.

On the day of the performance, the city of Busan announced that it would increase the number of Busan urban railroads and city buses and introduce shuttle buses.