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news that BTS will perform in Busan in October this year is raising the cost of accommodation in Busan.

Some have even gone up to several million won, and some have even forcibly canceled reservations and raised the price.

Correspondent Jo Jin-wook of KNN.


A global Busan concert to pray for BTS, the ambassador for the 2030 Busan World Expo.

Accommodation costs in Busan are skyrocketing right after news of a free concert for 100,000 people was released.

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A hotel in Songjeong went up from 100,000 won on weekends to 500,000 won, and a Haeundae accommodation for 3 million won a day appeared on the lodging site.

Areas away from the concert halls, such as Nampo-dong and Seomyeon, have also risen more than double.

At the same time, there is even a rip-off technique that forcibly cancels existing reservations and raises prices.

There are more than 10 victims confirmed by reporters, and there are even foreigners.

[BTS fan: I saw 9 million won and also 5 million won.

It felt like they thought that BTS was all about money, and that it was taking a reservation at an unreasonable price, and it was ruining the name of BTS...


High-end hotels in Busan, which are planning related products with the BTS agency, are also receiving high season prices.

In the case of one hotel, the weekend price from 500,000 won has risen to 700,000 won, but it is already full.

The city of Busan announced that it would crack down on it belatedly, but there was no coercion.

There are also concerns that the image of Busan and Expo 2030 will worsen.

[BTS fan: If you decide to host an expo later, you can take profit like this from the tourists who come at that time.

There are a lot of fans who think that they do not want to spend money in Busan because of this incident.]

The image of Busan as a tourist city is falling due to some merchants' extortion.

(Video coverage: Choi Jin-hyuk KNN)