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Mr. A, who lives in Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, felt a foreign sensation while eating seasoned perilla leaves he bought at a side dish shop in front of his house on the 15th.

When I checked, the perilla leaves were full of sand.

Red pepper powder was soaked in, and there was a grain of sand the size of a grain of rice in between.

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It has been confirmed that the seasoned perilla leaves purchased by Mr. A were imported from China and then manufactured by a domestic company as a side dish and sold to side dish stores nationwide through a distributor.

The sesame leaf manufacturer explained that foreign substances may have entered during the primary processing process such as washing, pickling, and packaging after collecting sesame leaves in China, or in the process of dividing large sesame leaves into small portions at a side dish store.

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Earlier, on the 20th, a cigarette butt that looked like it was made in China appeared in pickled sesame leaves sold at a side dish store in Korea.

Netizens said, "After cigarette butts, it's full of sand... What kind of foreign matter will come out in the future?"

"It's my favorite side dish, and now it's time to make it yourself."