The police caught the police after stealing 50 million won by stealing cell phone SIM chips from dozens of customers who were consulted by an employee of a mobile phone dealership.

The Busan Police Agency announced today (19th) that it had sent a mobile phone dealer employee A (in his 20s) to the prosecution on charges of fraud.

According to the police, Mr. A is suspected of using customer information to make small payments without permission after taking out a SIM chip (a chip containing subscriber information) from the mobile phone of customers who visited the agency he works in March or April of this year.

It is said that it only took three minutes for him to receive a cell phone from a customer and make a micropayment worth over 1 million won.

31 people who experienced this kind of fraud by Mr. A reported it to two police stations.

At the Sasang Police Station, 27 victims of Mr. A's case, the amount of damage was 37 million won, and at the Saha Police Station, it is confirmed that four people were 13 million won.

It was investigated that Mr. A purchased game items or cultural gift certificates with a small amount of money and then repurchased them and deposited them into his account.

The police said, "Mr. A stated that he used it for his living expenses." He said, "We booked him on charges of fraud and computer use fraud under the Criminal Act, investigated it, and sent it to the prosecution."

(Photo = Yonhap News)