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 A male idol singer in his 20s from the famous survival audition program 'Produce 101 Season 2' was sentenced to probation in prison for threatening and injuring his ex-girlfriend with a knife.

According to the court today (19th), the 16th Seoul Central District Court criminal (Chief Judge Kim Tae-gyun) sentenced a singer A (26) of an incumbent idol group, who was indicted without detention on charges of injury, special intimidation, and house trespassing, to 1 year in prison and 2 probation sentenced to a year.

He was also ordered to probation for one year and to do 80 hours of community service.

A broke into B's house through the veranda when victim B, who was then his girlfriend at the time, refused to meet him in October of last year.

Afterwards, Mr. A wrapped his arm around Mr. B, who was trying to run away, and dragged him inside the house, and threatened Mr. B with a knife placed in the kitchen, forcing him to continue meeting with him.

Mr. A put down his weapon at Mr. B's request, but when she was rejected again, he became enraged and strangled Mr. B.

When the neighbor rang the doorbell after hearing Mr. B's scream, it was revealed that Mr. A threatened Mr. B with the aim of 'do not scream'.

The court pointed out, "The quality of the crime and the crime are heavy in light of the details and methods of the crime.

However, the court said, "We took into account the fact that the accused confessed to the crime, that the crime was somewhat accidental, and that he was a first-time offender with no criminal history."