Tax reporting assistance service 'Samcham-sam', which was accused of violating the Tax Court Act, was acquitted by the police.

According to the police today (18th), the Seoul Gangnam Police Station concluded that there was no charge the day before against the operator of 'Samcham Sam' that the Korea Tax Association and the Korea Tax Accident Association reported.

'Samjeomsam' is a tax platform that helps with tax filing and income tax refund. When you enter personal information, you find hidden tax refund amounts and provide a service that connects you with a tax agent.

In response, the tax society and others filed a complaint in March of last year, saying that 'Sam Jeom-sam' violated the Tax Accountant Act, such as unqualified tax agency and mediation.

However, the police judged that it is difficult to see the 'self-return service', which is the core service of 'Samjeomsam', as a 'tax agent' because users themselves input personal information into the program.

The service that connects tax accountants was also difficult to be recognized as a 'tax agent'.

The police judged that the act of mediation was not established as it did not receive any fees from customers when 'SamJamSam' introduced a tax accountant.

It is also known that the police also referred to the investigation by the prosecution's disposition of 'Rotok', a legal service platform with a structure similar to that of 'Samjeomsam', in May of last year.

(Photo = provided by Yonhap News TV, Yonhap News)