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A domestic parking lot.

It looks like the owner took out what was supposed to be a floor mat and pounded it hard.

Person A, who released the black box video, explained, "I went to work on a holiday, and there was a vehicle I couldn't see." He said, "There was garbage lying nearby, so I checked the black box, and the owner cleaned the interior for about 30 minutes."

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Masks, toilet paper, drink cups, and plastic bottles were scattered in the place where the owner left.

Netizens recommended that Mr. A report it through the National Reporting Center, but unfortunately, it is said that the license plate cannot be identified.

Person A said, "There are people who usually throw away cigarette butts in every corner of the parking lot and there are people who sprinkle leftover coffee on the floor, so I feel embarrassed and embarrassed by the cleaners."

Netizens commented, "Is it so difficult to prepare a few hundred won volume-based envelope?", "I think my conscience was sent to Andromeda. I'm ashamed of myself when I see it!"

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(Screen source: Baby Dream)