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night (17th), a baby otter who lost its mother was rescued by the help of citizens at the riverside in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province.

It is presumed that she was separated from her mother due to heavy rain a few days ago, and the otter, a natural monument, is being cared for at the Wildlife Center.  

CJB Ahn Jung-eun is a reporter.


A baby otter in the bush cries sadly without a mother.

It was around 10 o'clock last night that a baby otter was found right next to the sidewalk in Musimcheon, which was in danger of flooding due to heavy rain last week.

When the citizen found a baby otter wriggling in the bushes, he spread white clothes on them to avoid getting hurt, and guarded the surroundings to keep wild cats from approaching, waiting for the mother otter to arrive.

However, after waiting for a long time, the mother did not appear, so they requested rescue from the wildlife center.

[Citizen of reporting baby otters: (a resident) found an otter and took it to his house, but there was no clear way to do it, so he brought it back without thinking.

I kept observing this because I thought it was dangerous.]

The center, who received the report, dispatched one veterinarian and two rehabilitation managers to the site and took over the baby otters.

A baby otter who lost its mother was rescued by the Chungbuk Wildlife Center near Heungdeok Bridge in Musimcheon, Cheongju.

The baby otter was immediately transported to the center and identified as a young individual less than two months old.

His health was good enough to eat well.

[Kim Gyeong-yeon / Chungbuk Wildlife Center Veterinarian: He had a lot of energy, and he doesn't seem to have a vigilant reaction to people.

When we went (to rescue), they came to our feet and rubbed their bodies…


The otter, a natural monument, usually spends about a year with its mother and cub, so the baby otter will be returned to nature around June next year.

A precious life was saved thanks to the brilliant efforts of citizens and rescue teams to save the midnight otter baby.

(Video coverage: CJB Lee Cheon-gi, screen provided by Siwon Mountain Society, Chungbuk Wildlife Center)