The archipelago of the Balearic Islands is famous for its paradisiacal coves with

white sand and turquoise waters


Some of these postcard corners are, without a doubt, among the best beaches in Spain.

We go through some of the most outstanding.


Located on the south coast of Menorca, it is considered

one of the most beautiful coves

on the island.

Located on the opposite side of another spectacular cove,


, it has the advantage that its waters tend to have fewer jellyfish and algae.

In addition, among its visitors it is usually well seen to leave your swimsuit at home.

With the sea usually clean and calm, its fine sand and its natural environment make it a unique enclave.

Cala Mondrago (Majorca)

It is not only one of the most beautiful bathing spots in Mallorca, it is also part of the Natural Park of the same name, located in


, at the extreme southeast of the island.

Despite its somewhat remote location, it is a very popular cove.

Its small paths are frequented by lovers of hiking, who enjoy a landscape where the forest and the sea merge.

Also known as

Ses Fonts de n'Alís , next to it is the



, which can be accessed by a stone walkway.

To the west there is a third cove, somewhat smaller but also very enjoyable,

Caló de's Burgit



In its barely

70 meters of beach,

the visitor can be transported to another world.

The sea is so calm that it looks like a swimming pool and in it you can breathe the maritime atmosphere that the island has historically enjoyed thanks to its traditional slipways for small boats, its low cliffs and its virgin nature.

Located in the easternmost part of

the great bay of Migjorn

, its sunset is one of the most spectacular in the entire archipelago, but if you want to enjoy it in high season, it is recommended to get up early and arrive early.

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Cala Tuent (Majorca)

This semicircular cove located between lush pine forests is one of the few beaches in the

Serra de Tramuntana,

40 kilometers from Sóller, north of Mallorca.

Wild and natural, its sand only covers the first meters up to.

It reaches the sea, where the composition of the soil becomes stone, which makes its waters take on a spectacular emerald color.

Another point in its favor is its proximity to the famous and spectacular

Torrent de Pareis beach.


Its beauty allows it to regularly be placed at the top of the list of the best beaches in Spain.

Its fine white sand and turquoise water means that, despite the complicated path that leads to it,

it is always full in summer


Located six kilometers from the municipality of


, in the south of the Balearic island, it is barely 50 meters high and is surrounded by cliffs covered with pine trees and native vegetation.

Next to it is


, a pier carved by the sea that is surrounded by old fishermen's houses and whose ramps often serve as a solarium for bathers.


Some say that its name is due to the

turquoise color

of its waters, others that it comes from the fact that the

Turkish pirates

chose it as the best place to land on the island, as it was surrounded by numerous pine trees.

Be that as it may, it is advisable to visit it first thing in the morning, since, given its orientation, the sun sets quite early on it.

Despite being a

virgin cove

, it has toilets nearby and a lifeguard service.

It also has a small beach bar in the car park.

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