The Seoul Metropolitan Government has decided to start developing a new brand that represents the city for the first time in 7 years.

The Seoul brand has been using 'Hi Seoul' for 13 years since 2002 and now uses 'I·SEOUL·YOU', which was selected in October 2015 when Park Won-soon was in office. are doing

Mayor Oh Se-hoon has expressed his intention to replace the word, saying that the meaning of 'I · Seoul · U' is ambiguous and lacks communication power.

In a survey conducted in June of about 1,000 Seoul citizens and 200 foreigners who had visited Seoul, 17.9% of respondents said that they knew the 'i·Seoul·U' brand overseas and 69.3% in Korea.

The response that the current brand does not reflect the future of Seoul was 41.6% in Korea while 69.0% in overseas countries.

The proportion of respondents who said they needed to create a new city brand was found to be 73.0% overseas and 68.1% in Korea.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to announce it at the opening ceremony of the 'Urban Competitiveness Forum' in December, where domestic and foreign urban experts will participate, after going through the brand development stage, such as collecting opinions from both domestic and foreign residents and expert branding.

The replacement of Seoul's representative brand is expected to cost between 250 million and 300 million won for development and billions of won per year for public relations.

The current brand 'I Seoul U'

(Photo = provided by Seoul City, Yonhap News)