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When the 6,990 won chicken sold at a domestic mart became popular, a person who bought the chicken at a regular price and reselled it at a higher price appeared.

In a post on a used trading app, seller A posted a picture of a chicken he bought for 6,990 won and wrote that it was sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Mr. A explained, "I bought it while standing in line at 12 o'clock" and "It's popular so you can eat it in line, so if someone close to you takes it, you can think of it as adding a delivery fee to try it."

The selling price was 10,000 won.

It is 3,010 won more expensive than the price Mr. Lee purchased.

As Mr. A said, a similar amount to the normal delivery fee was added, but the reaction from netizens was cold.

"Are you taking any shame to earn only 3,000 won? What if there is a problem with hygiene...", "Franchise chickens are too expensive, but you can't make money like this."

(Screen source: online community)