• Interview Abel Caballero: "Vigo's lights are led, they consume less than a football field for a whole month"

The mayor of Vigo,

Abel Caballero

, is known around the world for his Christmas lights.

However, after showing off his more dancing side,

Abel Caballero

will also be remembered for being the mayor who did not hesitate to dance 'breakdance' in front of thousands of people and challenge the mayor of Madrid,

José Luis Martínez-Almeida

, to do what same.


was the guest of honor at the

O Marisquiño

festival, a festival that brings together some of the best breakdance figures in Vigo.

Encouraged by the attendees, the mayor of Vigo did not hesitate to mark a few steps, with more or less success, of the dance style.

"Who I want to challenge is the Mayor of Madrid," Caballero blurted out to the enthusiasm of the attendees.

"You know what? I'm going to beat him,"

he said.

The video of

Abel Caballero

dancing 'breakdance', which he himself published, spread like wildfire through social networks, revolutionizing Twitter.



is like a Haneke movie. You know that sooner or later something tremendous is going to happen and you can't stop watching," assured a tweeter.

Caballero was not the only politician yesterday in

O Marisquiño


The president of the Xunta,

Alfonso Rueda

, walked through As Avenidas with the regional delegate in Vigo,

Marta Fernández-Tapias


Although none of them risked demonstrating their skills as a dancer.

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