The search operation continued today in the Chungnam area where two people went missing due to heavy rain yesterday (14th).

Also, in the village where the sudden rain fell, people barely avoided themselves, but most of the residents are elderly people in their 80s or older.

The news of the damage in the Chungcheong area will be reported by TJB reporter Kim Chul-jin.

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excavator moves the collapsed roof and walls together, and about 10 volunteers carry the mud pile up to the height of the calf.

Her grandmother, who urgently escapes through a window with her grandson to escape a landslide that has struck inside the house, finds the half-collapsed house and searches for useful household items, but she finds none of the holy things.

In this village alone, 4 families and 12 people were displaced, so they evacuated to their families and neighbors' houses, but the future is uncertain because they have only escaped in a hurry.

More than half of the villagers are elderly people in their 80s or older, so restoration is not even feasible.

[Lee Gil-yong / Head of Geojeon-ri Village: Living is the most important thing.

Even if you go to the people whose houses have been destroyed, it would be more appreciated if you could help the military or the county even with a little bit of daily necessities.]

Emergency restoration work is in progress for the high-voltage and communication lines that were cut due to a landslide on the road near the village.

The rocks and dirt blocking the road have been removed, but the collapsed safety fences and guard rails are expected to take a considerable amount of time to recover.

The search operation continued to find the two missing people who were swept away by the water while looking for their hometown.

The fire department has expanded the search scope by mobilizing 466 people and 35 equipment, but has not found any traces yet.

[Ahn Jae-cheol / Buyeo Fire Station, Chungnam: Currently, we have expanded the search range from 24 km to 75 km.

(Equipment has also increased a lot, but the scope is still wide, so the search is a little difficult.]

During the holidays, 109 houses and roads were flooded in Chungnam, including houses and roads, and about 80 people were displaced in Buyeo alone.

(Video coverage: Choi Woon-gi TJB)