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Some underground parking lots were flooded due to this heavy rain.

Many netizens have seen articles that point out how to get out of a dangerous situation and how to get out of such a flooded parking lot.

On the night of the 8th, when it rained heavily, one missing person occurred in the underground parking lot of a building in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

A water plate was installed at the entrance of the parking lot, but it was useless due to the record heavy rain.

Experts have warned that if the underground parking lot is flooded due to heavy rain, it may not drain well and may threaten people due to the rapid flow rate.

Because the flow speed in the center of the stairs is fast, it is safe to hold onto the wall and move barefoot rather than shoes such as slippers or high heels.

If you are inside an underground door, it is difficult to open the door due to the difference in water pressure when the water fills up, so you should evacuate before the water rises more than 40cm.