Nowadays, webtoons that read cartoons on the Internet are popular, but if you are in your 30s or 40s who liked cartoons as a child, you probably have memories of paper book cartoons.

Elder cartoonists who led the era of cheerful cartoons at the time, such as Manga Dolmen and Maengkongi Seodang, are drawing new dreams even at the age of over 80.

By Lee Joo-sang, staff reporter.


A cartoon dolmen that portrayed a section of Korean society in the 1970s and 1980s with humor and satire.

Artist Park Soo-dong, who has passed his 80s, is immersed in the writings of Lee Gyu-bo, a writer from the Goryeo Dynasty.

I even made a hwabook with the term 'Hanmansi', which translates Chinese poems into cartoons.

With its characteristic light lines and handwriting, it depicts the Goryeo period in a serious yet light manner.

[Park Su-dong / Painter: Lee Kyu-bo's poems always have humor.

I don't look like an old person.

There is no other great writer like this.]

Artist Jeong-moon Lee of the same age pioneered a satirical and cheerful comic book with a character called a grumpy man.

In the 1970s, among Japanese robot cartoons such as Atom and Mazinger Jet, he created the origin of a native robot with Kang Tau, an iron man.

It is said that dreams and imaginations in cartoons are sure to come true, and they are still dreaming of the future through cartoons.

[Lee Jeong-moon/Painter: Paper comics still remain as a record and can be touched.

So, I hope that paper cartoons will be revived a little more.]

Five senior cartoonists of the age of cheerful cartoons divided into sections to draw a joint cartoon, including the late artist Sinmunsu from the robot jippa, Dooho Lee from the Murtaldosa, and Seungwoon Yun from Seodang from Maengkongi.

This is the work of the last generation who drew manga with pen and ink.

As an elderly cartoonist, he does not dwell on past memories and does not stop taking on new challenges even at the age of over eighty.

(Collaboration of filming: Korea Comics Promotion Agency, video editing: Ki-duk Park, VJ: Se-gwan Oh)