It is estimated that the number of vehicles damaged by flooding due to this torrential rain is approaching 10,000.

There is also growing concern that some of them may be transformed into normal cars and appear in the used car market.

These cars are very likely to have not been properly repaired, which can cause them to behave erratically.

These are very dangerous things such as the engine suddenly shuts off while driving, the airbag is deployed, or there is a sudden acceleration.

It's like a time bomb on the road.

Experts point to checking the seat belt, checking the side metal fittings, checking the underside of the trunk, and checking the smell through the air conditioner or heater as a way to distinguish these submerged cars.

First, if you pull the seat belt all the way out, you can see the part under the vehicle, but there may be foreign objects here.

As it is a well-known method, these days, the seat belt itself is sometimes replaced. In this case, you need to check the manufacturing date of the seat belt.

If there is a big difference between the vehicle year and the seat belt manufacturing date, especially if all 4 or 5 seat belts have been replaced, a flooded car may be suspected.

Also, there is a way to check the metal fittings inside by tearing off the rubber packing that meets the vehicle door or by opening the outer plastic panel of the instrument panel.

Most of the pieces of metal in this area have not been treated with antirust treatment, so they are said to have rusted to the extent that the water level is clearly visible.

You can also distinguish a submerged car by opening the lower part of the trunk to the bottom of the spare tire and checking whether there is water or foreign substances.

Also, close all windows and turn on the air conditioner or heater at its highest for 10 to 15 minutes to check if the mold smell is coming from deep inside the car.

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Reporting: Min Kyung-ho / Video coverage: Shin Dong-hwan / Editing: Jo Yoon-jin / CG: Sung Jae-eun / SBS Digital Exploration and Production Department