The city of Seoul held the opening ceremony of the festival amid a series of damage caused by record heavy rains, causing controversy.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government held the opening ceremony of the '2022 Seoul Festa' at Jamsil Main Stadium on the same day (10th).

In addition to the celebrity-invited stage, there were also spectacular scenes of fireworks exploding in the middle and at the end of the festival.

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon is known to have guarded the Central Disaster and Safety Situation Office without attending the opening ceremony, but critics have pointed out whether it was appropriate to hold a noisy event at the city level in the midst of severe flood damage.

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On SNS, there were also voices of criticism, such as 'I'm dying next door to a heavy rain, and I'm liking the concert next door'.

A Seoul official admitted the problem by saying, 'We humbly accept it', but explained that there were circumstances that were difficult to cancel, such as cost issues.