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water level of the Han River, which has risen, is gradually lowering.

Still, there are roads that are still under control.

Let's connect with a reporter to hear more about it.

Reporter Suwon Sook-wook, the water level in the Han River seems to be still high. How is the current situation?


It is listed on the Han River Jamsu Bridge.

The Jamsu Bridge is still submerged for the fifth day.

However, the water level is gradually decreasing.

Yesterday (11th), around 11:30 pm, the water level at the Jamsu Bridge was 8.43m.

It is now 7.56m as of 5:30am.

It's been running out of water little by little for 6 hours.

This is because the amount of discharge from the Paldang Dam, which has the greatest impact on the water level of the Han River in Seoul, is gradually decreasing.

Last night alone, the discharge amount exceeded 10,000 tons, but now it is maintained at 7,000 tons per second.

There is no news of heavy rain today, so the water level of the Han River is expected to drop slightly.

<Anchor> Which

road is being controlled now?


All major arterial roads in Seoul have been closed.

Since yesterday afternoon, the section of Dongjak Bridge from Gayang Bridge to Olympic-daero was completely controlled, but traffic resumed at 4 am.

However, there are still many places where some roads in Seoul are controlled.

Some sections of Yangjaecheon-ro and 16 places including Dangsan Interchange and Mangwon Interchange are controlled in both directions.

Road conditions are not good as there are many places where roads have been dented due to heavy rain, and restoration work is underway to restore the ground.

As traffic conditions are constantly changing, we should check the traffic information on the way to work in the morning.

All subways operate normally, so it is recommended to use public transport.