Then, today (12th), we will connect to the Honam area where it is predicted to rain a lot and see what the situation is now.

Our reporter team is out in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do.

Reporter Min-Jun Kim, it seems that the sun is shining beyond the rain.

How are you now?


I am now at Gyeongpocheon, which runs through downtown Gunsan.

Until yesterday afternoon, when the rain was in full swing, muddy water swept through the river I could see next to me, and tree branches and garbage were also swept away.

But now that the weather has cleared and the sun is shining, the water level is somewhat stable.

As the rain clouds weakened, the heavy rain advisory that had been issued for the entire Jeollabuk-do area, including Gunsan, was lifted as of 7 pm yesterday.

At one time, the intersection of Gunsan University in Milyong-dong and the intersection in front of the Naun-dong health center were flooded and drainage work was done for about two hours, restricting the passage of citizens.

About 80 residential areas and 70 roads were also flooded. 

[Gangchangnam/Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do: I was kicked up to here, but I kicked up to my knees in front of that.

I'm afraid the water will come into the house.

Before that, it rained a lot a few years ago, so the first floor was full of water.

But I was very worried that it might be like this today.]


It's not raining right now and the sun is shining like this, but the Honam area is still in a situation where we can't let go of tension today, right? 


Yes, it has rained quite a bit all over Jeollabuk-do so far besides Gunsan where I am.

Most of the night has passed and now it has stopped.

The amount of rain in Jeollabuk-do from yesterday to this morning was 193 mm in Gunsan, 123 mm in Iksan, and 98 mm in Gimje.

In Jeonnam, Goseong was 28mm, Yeongwang 28mm, and Gwangju 9mm.

The Korea Meteorological Administration said that the congestion front is expected to go further south and gradually disappear by this morning, but it is expected to rain more in the future, so please be careful about safety.