It was confirmed that some lodging facilities were selling rooms for more than double the usual price as more and more office workers were stranded as roads in Gangnam, Seoul, were flooded due to heavy rain.

Several online communities have uploaded a number of photos capturing the price of motels in the Gangnam area on the 8th, when a heavy rain warning was issued.

According to the photo, most of the hotels and motels around Gangnam Station and Yeoksam Station were fully booked.

In a motel near Gangnam Station, the cost of a regular room (standard room) was 300,000 won.

It is known that the original cost of the room was 90,000 won.

It was found that there were not one or two motels that received more than two or three times the price of lodging like this.

According to other photos, on the 8th, the cost of accommodation at a motel near Seolleung Station was 273,800 won, and the cost of accommodation at a motel near Yeoksam Station on the 8th was 250,000 won.

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Netizens reacted critically, such as "For that money, I'll go to a premium hotel", "Even if demand increases, it's too bad to raise it moderately" and "What should people who can't go home do?"

A number of complaints have been filed against accommodation facilities that have set an exorbitantly high price in the midst of heavy rain, but there is no way to regulate or sanction them.

The Korea Consumer Agency said, "There is no means of sanctioning the fact that the price of accommodations has risen significantly compared to usual. I did.

(Photo = online community)