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number of new COVID-19 cases reached 151,000, exceeding 150,000 in four months.

The government raised the forecast for the peak, saying that there could be 200,000 confirmed cases per day during this month.

Correspondent Han Seong-hee.

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number of new COVID-19 cases reached 151,792, exceeding 150,000 in 119 days since April 13.

In particular, as the number of arrivals and departures during summer vacation increased, 615 cases of inflows from overseas were recorded, the highest number since the domestic epidemic.

[Lee Ki-il / Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters 1 General Coordinator: The rate of spread of COVID-19 is accelerating again.

It is predicted that about 200,000 confirmed cases will occur in August.]

The peak size of the outbreak was predicted to be a maximum of 280,000 per day last month, but it was lowered to 150,000 at the beginning of this month. Again, the forecast was raised.

The number of patients with severe serious illness was 402, an increase of 38 from the previous day, the highest in 93 days.

The quarantine authorities are paying particular attention to high-risk facilities where group infections occur.

In the past four weeks, there have been 116 cases and 2,445 cluster infections in nursing hospitals and facilities alone.

The quarantine authorities will thoroughly analyze the confirmed cases of these high-risk facilities and announce an improvement plan soon.

[Park Hyang/Head of the Central Disaster Management Headquarters: We will conduct mock training (to prevent the spread of infection) according to each scenario according to each situation, provide infection control education for caregivers, etc., and intensively manage facilities vulnerable to infection.]

As of yesterday (9th), the utilization rate of beds with severe COVID-19 was 37.8%, and those with semi-severe beds were 58.1%.

Meanwhile, quarantine authorities urged people to follow personal hygiene rules, saying that the possibility of infectious diseases in flood-affected areas may increase.