She has already carried out a similar action a year ago.

The Austrian online privacy NGO Noyb announced on Tuesday the filing of 226 new complaints against websites in Europe.

In question: their rules vis-Ă -vis cookies, These computer tracers which allow targeted advertising.

The complaints were filed "with 18 authorities" and target "websites that use the popular 'OneTrust' cookie banner software with misleading settings," the organization said in a statement.

🍪Following a first batch of complaints in May 2021, we filed the final round of "One Trust" complaints today.

Despite receiving a step-by-step guide on how to be GDPR compliant, 226 websites still used deceptive designs and unlawful cookie banners:

— noyb (@NOYBeu) August 9, 2022

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Already 400 complaints in August 2021

“Being online has become a frustrating experience” in Europe, with “annoying barriers designed to make it extremely difficult to reject cookies everywhere on the Net”, added the NGO.

It thus demands that the “yes/no” option to cookies be clearly offered to Internet users, as provided for by a European regulation that came into force in 2018.

By August 2021, Noyb had already filed more than 400 complaints and decisions have yet to be made, although "many sites have adapted their settings by adding dismiss buttons" since then, she said.

"After a year, we come to hopeless cases that do not react to any solicitation," lamented Max Schrems, the director of the NGO.

“They must now be studied by the competent authorities”.

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Personal data: Google targeted by complaints from European consumer associations

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