Let's take a look at the road conditions this time.

Roads that were once drilled are increasingly being re-regulated as torrential rains continue.

We connect reporters who are out in Gangnam, Seoul.

Reporter Shin Yong-sik, where are you now?


Yes, I am at the intersection of Sinsa Station in Seoul.

It had been raining lightly just two hours ago.

As the night deepens, the heavy rain accompanied by the wind has repeatedly fallen and stopped.

It is now just past midnight. Normally, it is time for citizens to gather after finishing dinner parties and getting on the last train, but now the number of people passing by is noticeably reduced.

There are not many vehicles on the road, so the traffic continues at wide intervals.


How about in many places where roads are still controlled?


Compared to the daytime, road conditions have improved, but you still need to be careful.

It's because the rain is coming and going, and control is being resumed one after another.

As of this time, four of Seoul's urban highways are controlled in both directions.

In the case of the Dongbu Arterial Road, which was accessible until just before work, the water level in the Jungnangcheon Stream rose and it was again controlled from 5:40 pm, and vehicles cannot enter the Dongjak section from Jamsu Bridge and Olympic-daero Gayangdaegyo Bridge in both directions.

Vehicles in all directions are also prohibited from entering the inner ring road, Mage lamp, Seongdong IC.

In addition, Nodeulo and Dangsan Yukgapmun, which have a lot of traffic, are controlled in both directions.

As it is predicted that it will rain heavily again in the metropolitan area overnight, it seems that you will have to check the road conditions this morning and then go to work.